Are There Theodore Roosevelt Memorials?

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial

Memorials are physical links of the past and the present, allowing us to remember and pay tribute to influential persons or historical events. Moreover, they serve as valuable sources of information, challenging our thoughts and curiosity, helping us to get a better level of understanding in the process, and making us appreciate … Read more

What did President Roosevelt Like to Have for Breakfast?

A healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have a good breakfast, there is a chance that your whole day will go by smoothly because you will have the energy to start your day right. Among the masses, we often see the presidents as having one of the most … Read more

Why Did Theodore Roosevelt Travel to Panama?

construction of locks on the Panama Canal in 1913

Theodore Roosevelt’s visit to Panama was unprecedented for a sitting president. It was daring, unexpected, and defied tradition. When Roosevelt left Washington and proceeded to Panama in November 1906, he was the first sitting president to leave the country. It signaled a new era in how chief executives may manage foreign relations … Read more

What were Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders?

People next to Theodore Roosevelt statue by The American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Teddy Roosevelt was one of the most memorable and influential Presidents of the United States. However, some of his actions and projects went down in history even before he became President.  When Roosevelt was still the Assistant Secretary of the United States Navy, he gave his resignation in 1898 in order to … Read more