Learn About the Different USS Theodore Roosevelt Ships

SS Roosevelt steamship

There have been many items and locations that have been named after Theodore Roosevelt, the US president that is considered as one of the memorable personality in the history of the country. Some of these namesake areas and things have become quite popular over the year, and the most popular is arguably … Read more

Learn About Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace

Theodore Roosevelt portrait

Theodore Roosevelt is considered by many Americans to be one of the greatest US presidents in history, as he was able to bring in reforms during the progressive movement of the 20th century, which allowed the United States of America to rise as a top country in the world. His is also … Read more

What Famous Places and Things are Named after Theodore Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt portrait

Theodor Roosevelt is arguably one of the most famous United States presidents of all time, and his popularity is not only attributed to his prolific works and services as a politician but also his signature look, which is highlighted by the unusual pair or Pince-Nez glasses and his iconic walrus moustache. Because … Read more